After a year of research and development Latitude has introduced The Grid to each of its venues in Australia and has standardised this activity into our core design philosophy for new parks.

The Grid features the most engaging and challenging elements from parkour and ninja related disciplines into a 3-4 lane course spread over 200-250 square metres.

The challenging elements work just about every muscle in your body as you navigate jump boxes, propel yourself over walls using mini tramps, monkey yourself along Perspex wall and gather a head of stream to make it up our multi-height running walls to finished on a zipline that gets you to the finish line is style.

The Grid was the most exhilarating thing I have done it ages! I need to get back out there and perfect my time to complete the course!

The Grid comprises a library of 40 elements which can be customised for each space and connected together to make an exceptionally cool ground-based course that compliments the suit of Latitude aerial activities whilst providing a great change of experience to trampoline and climbing related items.

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